Thursday, 1 March 2018

Snow White: Part Four

I've got some amazing photos of our 2017 Panto back from the Mercury Theatre.  I believe these were all taken by Robert Workman.  Costumes and set designed by David Shields.

Animal costumes for the Junior Chorus by me.  Snow White's costume by Fran Gyll. 

Nurse Nellie costume by me.  I didn't actually make any wigs this year, we revamped a few old ones for the other Nellie costumes, but this one was made by Ruth Metcalf.   Muddles's costume is by Corinna Vincent.

Nurse Nellie costume by me.  So happy with this one in particular!  I made all that stripey trim myself out of gold braid stitched onto a black fabric backing.

Nurse Nellie's butterfly costume for the finale.  Loved this one as well, especially the headdress, although there aren't any photos that really show it off.  Unfortunately there aren't any production photos of the dressing gown and the mirror costume I made for the dame this year.

The Enchantress's headdress.  Her costumes were all made by Wendy Harrup.  And Carli Norris was a brilliant Enchantress!

The Enchantress's wedding headdress in action.  The King's costume was made by Corinna Vincent.

So, just to reiterate, I made the animal costumes, 5 costumes for Nurse Nellie, 2 headdresses for the Enchantress, 2 more horned headdresses for Nurse Nellie and Muddles (neither of which is shown here), as well as revamping a couple of older wigs for Nellie (adding butterflies to one for the finale, and a turban to another for the end of act one - not shown here.)

All in all, I had a lot on my plate, especially with the animal costumes, which took a lot of trial and error on my part!  I'm very pleased with the final results though, and looking forward to taking on yet another panto at the Mercury in 2018.

In the meantime I will try to do a better job of recording the work I do that's NOT panto-related!  I'm currently working on a pair of completely hand sewn 1780s stays that I started in a class at The School of Historical Dress the other week, so I will definitely blog about that soon.

I've also got this year's Victorian Ball fast approaching.  I've got a client commission to complete for then, as well as a full set of undergarments and a gown for my mum, who will be joining me this year.  Realistically I'm unlikely to have time to complete a new gown for myself, so I will probably wear last years again, and add the trim I didn't get around to doing this time last year.  I never actually posted that dress on my blog, but you can see photos on my website, -here-.  Hopefully I'll actually remember to get pictures at the venue this time around!

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