Tuesday, 21 February 2012

Chernabog t-shirt

Had a somewhat stupid moment just now.  I thought I'd lost the USB cable for my camera, which was in addition to the cable for my mp3 player that I couldn't locate yesterday.  I just spent about half an hour turning my room upside down trying to find them both (and puzzling over another cable because I can't for the life of me remember what it's needed for) before I suddenly remembered that I keep my camera lead inside my camera case.  Whoops!  Silly me.

On the plus side, whilst pulling out all the magazines from under my bed I managed to find my missing Corsets and Crinolines book, by Norah Waugh.  I was so chuffed I did a little yay-I-love-this-book-so-much-dance (which mostly consisted of hugging it and swaying from side to side).  This book is THE book for corsetry and it had been missing for about a year now; I was almost at the point of thinking that maybe I'd just used one of the library copies so many times that I'd imagined I owned one myself.  But no, I wasn't crazy, IT'S MINE!

Oh, and I also found my mp3 player USB cable, so all in all, a productive half hour, even if the reason for starting it was a bit on the dumb side.

Anyway, here's my chernabog t-shirt, based on the devil from the Night on Bald Mountain segment in Fantasia, and the whole reason why I was searching for my USB cord in the first place!

And the image I based it on:

I sketched it out in chalk on the tshirt, then went over with Tulip fabric paints.  I LOVE it, Night on Bald Mountain is one of my all time favourite pieces of animation ever.

And for the uninitiated, I present to you, Night on Bald Mountain:

Peace out.

Monday, 20 February 2012


I need one of these in my life!

Be still my beating heart!

I never thought that an evening spent researching storage solutions could get my heart thumping like this.  Goes to show what nearly 3 years spent cramming all my sewing stuff into a dingy rented room can do to a person!  Shame I don't have an extra £1000 lying around anywhere, or the space for that matter. *le sigh*

Sewing cabinets available here.

Lets get this blog on the road!

So, despite all my best intentions to keep this blog going after handing in my Self Directed Project... I appear to have failed, miserably, to add anything new since my final evaluation, which was.. oh let me see... nine months ago??

Whoops-a-daisy as the cool kids would say.  Time to rectify.

So I''ve decided to spruce this place up a bit.  Not only will I be posting all my costume creations from my time here at university, I will also be using this blog as an incentive to crack on and actually finish more of my own personal dressmaking projects that tend to get the short end of the stick when I get distracted by something else.  Which is always.

I finished painting my Night on Bald Mountain t-shirt yesterday, so a photo of that is on the way!