Monday, 2 July 2012

Glorious Helga

Of course, when I said that this blog would be horribly neglected until May 15th, what I meant to say was that it would be horribly neglected until July.  Whoops.

Anyhoo, Hand In's been and gone, the Exhibition got dismantled last week, so now all that's left for Helga is Weymouth Carnival, on the 12th of this month.  And by Helga, I am of course referring to my beloved angler fish.  Photo time!

Helga looming over the exhibition space.

Being worn - the painted highlights show up better outside.

From the back - showing how she fits on to the performer underneath.
Aaaannnnndddd, rather excitingly, SHE'S ON THE BBC WEBSITE!!  Admittedly it's only the local news, and they do manage to confuse the Moving Tides Carnival with the Battle for the Winds Ceremony that happened about a month ago.  Easy mistake really, since they're both in Weymouth, and students from AUCB did make costumes for that too.  I'm not complaining though, I'm just completely psyched that Helga's getting so much recognition - the same photo was used to illustrate the exhibition page on the university website as well, which is rather exciting in itself.

So there we go.  I graduated last friday, which hasn't really sunk in yet.  I'm still in Bournemouth until after the carnival, so maybe I won't really feel like I've stopped being a student until I leave here for good.  It's sad to say goodbye, really.  Part of me would adore being an art student indefinitely.  The last few months spent almost entirely in the workshop meant that I got friendly with a few of the students from modelmaking, and that's another area I'd love to explore more.  If only I could stay on for another 3 years and get a degree in that too! 

But no, in truth I think I'm ready for something new.  I have no idea what I'm going to be doing six months from now; and although that's a rather daunting prospect, it's also rather thrilling. 

Watch this space!