Sunday, 20 March 2011

In the Beginning...

I've been slightly delayed in starting up this blog, the reason being my involvement in an extra-curricular project; Dance Waves 2011 - Navigating Circus, in which I was responsible for supervising the making of the costumes for all 62 children performing.  Alongside supervising, I was also involved in miscellaneous other roles, such as pattern drafting, cutting, making, and dyeing, and was responsible for getting the costumes to London for their fitting during the dress rehearsal, which was today.

The overwhelming nature of this task proved my original plan for SDP impossible.  I had hoped to spend the unit exploring 1930s bias cutting with special reference to the work of Madeline Vionnet, but found that Dance Waves was cutting too severely into time that I should have been spending starting my research, so a compromise had to be found.

Thus, this unit will now consist of two parts.  The first will be my supervisory work for Dance Waves, supported by a detailed Supervisor's Bible with information and photos related to the making up and outcome of each design.
The second will be a making project; constructing a late 1920s style bias cut dress based on a design by Sarina Haskings but open to some interpretation.  The final dress will appear in a fashion event happening in June.  In this way I'll be able to draw on the knowledge I've already garnered from my initial research into Madeline Vionnet, whilst setting myself a project that can be more feasibly finished in the time available.

Most of the information I will post here about my Dance Waves work will be retrospective, as the bulk of it is now over.  My aim had been to get as much complete as possible for today's dress rehearsal, so I know just have about a full day's worth of work ahead of me left to finish things off before the actual performance, next sunday (27th March).  This means that this week I'll finally be able to turn my attention to the second part of my SDP.  Sarina is planning on bringing in her designs tomorrow, so I'll be able to get a clearer picture of what it is she wants then.

More information on both projects to follow!

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