Wednesday, 1 April 2015

The borgias hair coif/caul

Lately I've been binge watching 'The Borgias' tv series whilst I work, and it is full of gorgeous costumes - and even more gorgeous hair!  Last night I had meant to finish off a waistcoat I've been working on for my boyfriend's birthday present, but upon completing the final episode of season 3 I felt the sudden need to make a hair caul of my own.  The waistcoat was put to one side, and I got down to business.

I decided to go with the not-historically-accurate method of overlapping lengths of gold decorative thread and stitching all the joins together, then attaching a length of cord around the outside.  Traditionally, a caul would be netted, but since I wasn't up for teaching myself how to net at 10pm at night, I'll leave that one for another day.

Pinned to wig form with aforementioned waistcoat waiting patiently in background

It's fair from perfect, but I like it for a quick job in one night.  I was planning to add some beads, but I'll probably actually make a better one and add beads to that.  I feel like the gaps between the threads are a bit too big, but unfortunately I didn't have much left, and just did what I could with what I had.

Hmmm... now for a renaissance costume...

P.S.  The waistcoat is now complete and I'll be adding photos just as soon as I can get some nice ones of Lars wearing it.

An example of one of Lucrezia's hairstyles from the show.

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